Monday, August 11, 2008

Today's Speed Scrap

So I was the hostess, so I already knew what to do...

here were the instructions...

11:00 Choose one photo and crop it to a square. Your photo is going to be placed into a corner. It doesn't need to be mooshed the whole way over and touching the edges, but definitely in a corner. Frame it or mat it. Also choose 5 papers (we won't need them until towards the end, but keep some in mind...4 should be patterned)

11:10 Decide on a title for your page. You must use an alpha. The title will be placed on one of the same sides that your photo is on (eg, if your photo is in the upper right side, your title will be along the top or along the right side).

11:20 Use a photo prong or corner to attach the photo. Also put on a ribbon wrap, rubberband, or string, etc. (This can go anywhere on your page)

11:30 Create an element cluster attached on top of your picture with a clip or a pin.

11:40 Journal as close to your photo as possible. Don't forget to date it. I'd like the date to appear on top of your photo somewhere.

11:50 Use 3 of your patterned papers to create 3 paper strips to place behind your photo. Use a solid as your background paper. (I only had you choose 5 so you would have a will not be used, unless you want to)

12:00 On the opposite sides of your photo, put a small border or line to finish your lo. (eg if your photo is in the upper right corner, your border will appear along the left and bottom of your lo)

This is my lo:

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