Friday, October 31, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Day at Snap and Scrap

Snap and Scrap is celebraing Digital Scrapbooking Day in style by a sale in the shop, free with purchase and challenges galore for you throughout the weekend. Come check us out. You won't be disappointed.

You'll want to go check it out early, we are getting up some words for a bingo challenge and you'll need to pick your words early.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lots more Layouts

Let's start out with my speed scrap entry. (Next speed scrap is Wednesday at 10 am my time!!)

I really love how this layout turned out. I used a new kit that I was able to buy becasue I was chosen the random winner in a challenge I entered at the Digi Dares. Here are the instructions:

Instructions for SS #37

1. Choose 3 papers. Two solid and one patterned. (Don't ask me which 2 are the solids...)

2. Choose at least two pictures; place them in a row. Any direction is fine.

3. I’m telling you this now, so you have time to work with it…Your title needs to be creative. Use at least one alpha. Have fun with your title.

4. Add some string

5. Add some kind of stitching.

6. Add something from nature…example: flowers, trees, leaves, stars, etc.

7. Put an initial somewhere

This is for the scraplift challenge at ScrapMatters and I used Amanda Geils' Halloween kit.

Here is the one I scraplifted.
And my take on it.
Happy Scrap Girl did a new overlay set of worn papers. LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of worn papers. This is also using her kit Aiden and is for the Saturday Special challenge at ScrapMatters where were supposed to use text paths.

This one uses various stuff from Jeni Hopewell. I love this quote. it is so beautiful, and I love the way it turned out when I made it.

This one is for the Tuesday Template Challenge that starts today at ScrapMatters and I used Snap and Scrap's new kit, Tropical breeze to make it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Freebie Mini Kit

So, I've been playing around a little bit, and made this for you. Hope you enjoy.

Download here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Layouts!

I have been on a roll, and I've even been still cleaning my house. It's not trashed or anything. Anyway, here is what I've been doing.

This one is for next week's Template Challenge and we're featuring Bonnie van Esch. I picked her kit 100% Boy. Totally works for Andrew. There was a cute word art I wanted to use, but didn't have the perfect picture for it. But I really like how this picture goes with the template rub out she did.

This one is for Tuesday's Template Challenge at ScrapMatters. We were supposed to take the template and scrap about what we do with our friends. We watch The Office with our friends. Love that show!

This one is for Jeni Hopewell's new kit Sister 2 Sister. I don't think it's out yet. It will be on Friday. It's a gorgeous kit.

This is for the Saturday Special at ScrapMAtters. We made a vignette on our pictures. This using Amanda Geils' May Flowers kit and a few things from Erica Zane's Tickle ME Happy.

And this one uses Amanda Geils' new kit Hoo Loves You. I'm not sure if it's in the stores yet. But there are other gorgeous colors with this. Purple and green.

Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Layouts Using Modern Romance

Okay...I love love love this new kit by Amanda Geils. It is gorgeous. It's not out yet, but will be hitting the Elemental Scraps store soon. Beautiful greens and reds. Simply an amazing kit.

This is what I did with it.

(For the RoadMap to Scrap Challenge at ScrapMatters)

(From a personal challenge on a private forum I'm on)

This one is from a speed scrap from last week.

1. Choose 3 pictures. 2 must be black and white and one in color. The color one will be the largest of the three.

2. Choose 3 papers all solid colors.

3. At least one of the papers must be at an angle.

4. Add some bling.

5. Have at least one button and one star.

6. Your title must be an alpha

7. Date must be on an element(tag, shape, flower). Journal if you want to.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't forget about Snap and Scrap

and their Creative and Designer Team calls...see here

More Layout Overload...

Okay, so obviously I've been doing a lot more scrapping than cleaning...or making Halloween costumes...or working on Primary things...

Well, a few posts ago I mentioned a challenge I participated in where I didn't use Andilynn's stuff...well, here is the remake using things only from Andilynn's Designs This one is a personal challenge on a private group I visit. It was a scraplift, but it is also by a Designer at Snap and Scrap. It's called Ferntree Fairies by Brianna Cox.
This is also from the same kit as above and was for the Tuesday Template Challenge at ScrapMatters.
This is a scraplift challenge from ScrapMatters.
This is the layout I scraplifted:

The Saturday Special at ScrapMAtters was extractions. Love how this one turned out.
This is for Becki Kress:

This is a template challenge at Snap and Scrap and uses the kit About a Girl by Brianna Cox.
This is an AWESOME template. It did all the color changing and everything for me. It is made using Jacob's Treehouse by Amy Riley at Snap and Scrap.

This is from last night's speed scrap at how my lo turned out, but it was a struggle to get there.
1. Choose ONLY one photo. Crop it an unusual way…make it an extreme close up, or narrow, or even cut part of your subject off…just make sure it’s cropped. AND make it pop…work on the color, the shadows, the depth, etc…make it shine.
2. Choose as many papers as you want, but they must be solids, no patterns. Make sure they REALLY complement your photo.
3. I want to prepare you for the next steps, so, rather than telling you what to do, I am going to tell you what NOT to do. No frame for your photo, no journaling, no word art, and no quotes. This is going to be all about your photo and the embellishments. Take this time to make your photo really stand out.
4. Create an element cluster (any size, any elements) and place it on your page UNDER your photo.
5. Choose an element or two (it can be the same element in different colors) and scatter it across your page…glitter, sequins, flowers, whatever. BUT, you must keep at least 1/3 of your page EMPTY.
6. Embellish as much as you want, over, under, whatever….but don’t forget rule #5 and keep at least 1/3 of your page empty. Embrace the white space.
7. Add a small tag and attach it to your photo. Add the date. If you want, you may add a SHORT title (no more than three words).

And I cheated on that last step a little bit with my title...

Hope you've enjoyed the eye candy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More layouts...

I've really been working to keep on top of all I have going on, so here are my latest contributions...
This one was made using Jeni Hopewell's At the Beach kit (you can go down a few posts to see it's preview) and also using Muss's template. This challenge was supposed to be about those little things that you do every day.

This one is 2 challenges. It goes with the scraplift challenge on my Flickr group but alos it is part of the Word Up! challenge at SM. The challenge was to use your title to createan acrostic poem or just journaling. I wasn't in an especially creative moment when I made the page, so I opted to just journal with the letters. Uses the kit Rustic Heritage by Becki Kress

And this one is the card template challenge for the week. Who do I know with a birthday coming up? Beat's me...but I'll find someone eventually.

And finally this one is for a template challenge where you'll get a $2 GC to Andrea (Andilynn's Designs at SM) for completing. I knew I was forgetting something when I made the page...I was supposed to use Andrea's stuff on my page, but I didn't, this one uses Becki Kress stuff. I already made a replacement page, but I'm maxed out on uploads to ScrapMAtters so I'll have to show you the replacement page I did another time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Template Tuesday at SM

The new template is up at SM and I made a lo of my husband on his birthday using SM's own birthday kit.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Speed Scrap!

Don't ya'll know that I'm addicted to these. They are so much fun!!

Here are the instructions for the latest installment.

1. Choose as many photos as you would like, but your main photo has to be positioned so that it is hanging over the edge of your LO (as in I shouldn’t be able to see all 4 sides).

2. Blend a background using 2 or more papers. Try using blending modes on your program such as overlay or soft light…have fun playing! Sometimes I use a soft edged eraser at 35% opacity to erase one of the papers in spots.

3. Now layer at least 3 papers behind your main photo. Add other papers and mats as you wish.4. Add embellishments. The only rule here is that you may NOT use any flowers!

5. Include a few fasteners: tape, staples, stitches, etc.

6. Include journaling in a column. This means that your text box should be longer than it is wide!7. Add a date tag and a title.

Here is my page:

Also, I wanted to give away a freebie today. So if you've read about the speed scrap, lucky you, here's a new template from me to you.

It is based on this layout I created a few weeks ago.

Have some more lo...

This month I'm on template duty at Snap and Scrap. This next week we will be featuring Amy Riley. I chose her kit Sweet Pea. This isn't the best pic for a preview of this size, but the quality of the parts are exceptional. I loved those papers. They were just perfect for me
I also am trying to get the most bang for my buck in doing as many challenges as possible. ScrapMAtters' Saturday challenge is currently going on and the technique we're focusing on is selective coloring, where you take a b&w photo and make just a bit of the color shine through. I like the design of my lo in general, not entirely fond of the selective coloring...

They also have started heritage challenges and if any of you know me, I am a nut for genealogy. It's what I studied in school, so any heritage challenges are right up my alley. I'm just going to copy and paste the requirements for this challenge.

*Your challenge for the month of October is to make a cohesive two-page spread:
One page is a "goal layout" about what 3 of the things you most want to know about your ancestors (living or dead). You don't need to find out the answers these are just goals of things you want to learn. If you're like me there will be many more than three things you want to know. Just pick three things and just start.
For the second page you need to answer those questions about yourself. You don't need pictures although pictures are great. This is meant to be fairly broad. You won't have room to go into much detail. You can certainly do more than the two-page spread but you will still only get one participation point. Also you don't need to share any private information--it's perfectly ok to blur out names and places. This project is for you.
You also need to print it out onto paper--acid free is best. We'll use the honor system here, but you need to be able to share this with your family. If not now, then 50 years from now, when no one remembers what schools grandma attended or what kind of a car she drove or what her favorite songs were.
You can make these layouts any size/shape format that you want. I will be doing all of mine in rectangle, because all of my family history stuff is in 3-ring binders so I can update the information easily. You might want to start a special album for these challenges.
You have until October 31st to get your pages uploaded to the gallery and posted here in the forum. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to double-dip on this project, but just a reminder that this needs to be a new two-page LO. Have fun and remember that the past is indeed the present tomorrow.*

And these are the 2 pages I made. All of my ancestors came and settled in Pennsylvania. They didn't go ANYWHERE else. I know that everyone always gives the general answer *they came here for a better life* but I'd really want to know WHY EXACTLY they came where they came. Did they realize what they were leaving? Did they know what they were doing? My layouts are about those kinds of questions relating to their migrations.

For the page about me, I did it about coming to Utah, why we came and what we were expecting.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

2 layouts for Becki Kress

they also correspond with new challenges at ScrapMatters as well.

Becki has a few new kits in the store
In this first layout I used papers from Handy Man and the chicken from the farm kit to play along in ScrapMatters' recipe challenge: Soups and Stews this month...
And in this one I used Happy Scrap Girl's Template with the Farm Kit from above to participate in Andilynn's Personal challenge (this one wasn't technically for a SM challenge, but she is the owner of SM and her CT puts together challenges every once in a while). The challenge was an analogous color scheme. I chose yellow, orange and red. (And a few shades in between)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some more challenge layouts

ScrapMatters has a monthly photo challenge as well. I've not ever participated before because I'm not much of a picture taker, but you can get additional points for scrapping your picture, and this is what I came up with.

This month is focus on close ups, so take a close up picture and then scrap it...

(This one was also done with Amanda Geils kit Turtle Soup)

The second challenge I did was the Color Challenge. Here is the possible colors...

Now, we had to do a complementary colors (red and green with 2 other of the colors) OR an analgous color scheme (red, orange, and gold) plus one other color. I picked the complementary colors.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Triple Duty

So this next layout takes care of 3 different things for me to do. First off, ScrapMatters has revamped their challenge system to points based and I think I'll like it, but now I'll need to scrap a whole lot more...(if I want all the points I can get that is)...

So, this is the layout...

The first thing this layout does for me is that it is done with a new kit by Amanda Geils...I think it's due out next week.

The second thing is it was done for the Road Map to success challenge. Here are the directions.

1. One Black and White Photo

2. Stitches

3. Flowers

4. No Alphas, Fonts Only

5. Lots of White Space

6. Something Torn

7. A Frame

8. Use a Kit You Have Never Used Before

I was also able to fit it into October's Add it on challenge at Snap and Scrap. Here's that list:

(you only have to put in 5 of them...I think I got 7)

1. Let's see some brush work

2. an Autumn or Halloween or Thanksgiving theme

3. use at least 2 alphas...mix and match

4. glitter

5. orange

6. purple embellishment

7. stitches

8. a picture with no people in it

9. nail/staple/brad

10. plant life (flower, leaf, tree, etc.)

so there you go...triple duty.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come Join the Snap and Scrap Team...

Snap and Scrap is holding both a CT call and a DT call. So show us your stuff.

We're a great bunch to work with.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Speed Scraps within 24 hours

Well, ScrapMatters has started to do 2 speed scraps a week. One in the evening (well, at least in the US) and one during the daytime (at least in the US). Generally I don't do the evening ones because my husband doesn't usually get home until 7pm. But last night, he was home early, he was playing with the kids, and I speed scrapped. I usually don't like what I'm making until the very end, and these were no exception.

Here are last night's instructions:

Instruction #1 Choose at least 3 photos and arrange them as follows: One is substantially larger than the others and the smaller ones are lined up together along a side of the larger photo.

Instruction #2 Use at least 4 papers. Be creative, use as BG, mats, shapes, etc.

Instruction #3 Use ONE frame to frame all the photos together.

Instruction #4 I want to see a really good layered element cluster, I LOVE clusters!

Instruction #5 Use something from nature on your layout.

Instruction #6 One word title, use an alpha.

Final Instruction: Journal at least three sentences, DATE, and post!

There was also one this afternoon:

12:00 - Pick your photos. You can have as many as you want. But at least 1 of them can NOT have any people in it! So - if you only chose 1, there's can't be human beings in it.

12:10 - Pick your papers. Any number, any kind. Arrange your photo(s) on your page. You may NOT tilt your photos in any way!

12:20 - Let's begin to embellish. You have choices. I need to see:- at least 1 button OR 1 staple- at least 1 embellishment with newsprint OR 1 clear/acrylic embellishment- at least 1 yellow embellishment OR 1 pink embellishmentany other embellishments are fine as long as your LO meets the above requirements.

12:30 - Continue embellishing. Try using some splatters, scatter some elements across the page, or a sprinkle or something like similar. Something that looks "spilled". You can even scatter your buttons or other embellishments from the previous step if you like.

12:40 - Title your page. Use at least 1 alpha that you have never used before.

12:50 - Add some journaling or a quote.

1:00 - LAST STEP!! Put the date on a tag of some sort. Save! Post in the Speed Scrap #31 gallery and link to the thread!

(Most of this stuff was by Jeni Hopewell and available at ScrapMAtters!)