Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Speed Scraps within 24 hours

Well, ScrapMatters has started to do 2 speed scraps a week. One in the evening (well, at least in the US) and one during the daytime (at least in the US). Generally I don't do the evening ones because my husband doesn't usually get home until 7pm. But last night, he was home early, he was playing with the kids, and I speed scrapped. I usually don't like what I'm making until the very end, and these were no exception.

Here are last night's instructions:

Instruction #1 Choose at least 3 photos and arrange them as follows: One is substantially larger than the others and the smaller ones are lined up together along a side of the larger photo.

Instruction #2 Use at least 4 papers. Be creative, use as BG, mats, shapes, etc.

Instruction #3 Use ONE frame to frame all the photos together.

Instruction #4 I want to see a really good layered element cluster, I LOVE clusters!

Instruction #5 Use something from nature on your layout.

Instruction #6 One word title, use an alpha.

Final Instruction: Journal at least three sentences, DATE, and post!

There was also one this afternoon:

12:00 - Pick your photos. You can have as many as you want. But at least 1 of them can NOT have any people in it! So - if you only chose 1, there's can't be human beings in it.

12:10 - Pick your papers. Any number, any kind. Arrange your photo(s) on your page. You may NOT tilt your photos in any way!

12:20 - Let's begin to embellish. You have choices. I need to see:- at least 1 button OR 1 staple- at least 1 embellishment with newsprint OR 1 clear/acrylic embellishment- at least 1 yellow embellishment OR 1 pink embellishmentany other embellishments are fine as long as your LO meets the above requirements.

12:30 - Continue embellishing. Try using some splatters, scatter some elements across the page, or a sprinkle or something like similar. Something that looks "spilled". You can even scatter your buttons or other embellishments from the previous step if you like.

12:40 - Title your page. Use at least 1 alpha that you have never used before.

12:50 - Add some journaling or a quote.

1:00 - LAST STEP!! Put the date on a tag of some sort. Save! Post in the Speed Scrap #31 gallery and link to the thread!

(Most of this stuff was by Jeni Hopewell and available at ScrapMAtters!)

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