Thursday, August 28, 2008

Layout Overload!

First I want to document this layout:

First it uses the kit Summer in the Hamptons by Haynay Designs

It also has this alpha

So why do I want to highlight it? I caved in and downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Elements and this is the first layout I've made with the program and I can really see the difference in the shadows. I tried doing it before (the shadows) but I just couldn't do it the very best.

On to more layouts...

currently there are two challenges running at ScrapMatters. I can't post the challenges because the blog is down temporarily, but it should also be in the forums...

This is Saturday's Challenge: use a clever title. Try to make it a play on words.

I did two for this one, but in the first one, I needed help with a clever title...but I did come up with the other one all by myself.

It uses Erica's kit A Touch of Cherry

This is also using Erica's kit EZ Dreams.

The Tuesday Template is also running. It's an awesome blocked template (also using one of Erica's kits, Magical Dreams)

And while I'm spotlighting ScrapMatters' stuff

This one uses GG Digital Design's Forever in Love Spring Kit

Snap and Scrap has their monthly challenge kit ready to roll as well. It's called In a Galaxy Far Away and features awesome space creatures, stars, and lots of shiny stuff. (You can see it in the store there)

I don't have any outer space type pictures so I couldn't utilitze the aliens...

This one uses a paper pick (Fizzle Pop I think) by Boyerville Scraps (at ColorLIne Design)

And here is my second layout for Becki Kress's (and Theres K's) Oh Baby Kit at Elemental Scraps.

It looks like I've been on a white background kick lately....come back for more later.

ScrapMatters Daily Download

The Daily Download at ScrapMatters has started. The design team apprentices have put together an awesome kit that you can get free just by visiting the forum and downloading daily. It's already day 4. But it will be running through September 14, just in time for ScrapMatters 1st birthday.

Here are the previews to the whole kit.

I haven't made anything with it yet, but when I do it'll show up right here. But I do have a lot of other layouts to show you with layout overload later today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe next week. Who knows?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Speed Scrap Time!!!

Yes, another installment of the regular Speed Scrap Challenge and iti s being hosted by Stacy.

And this lovely prize is for every participant that gets a layout in on time. (I LOVE Ellie Lash's stuff)

Oh Baby!

This is the new kit by Becki Kress and Theres K. Quite the baby what can I do with a baby kit? Well, I loved the stuff in it, but didn't have any baby pictures, so I did what I could, and am very pleased with my results.

Britt's new Kit

This is Fairchild, Britt-ish Designs brand spanking new kit...

I also used Britt's word art and frame pack:

And this is what I did...

I'm Forever in Love...

Have I mentioned how much I love GG Digital Designs Forever in Love series?? They are ALL gorgeous. I already did the winter is the summer version:

Although a romance kit, look at this versatility. Those bright colors were perfect for my daughter's recent birthday...

Layouts for Jeni Hopewell...

I feel as though I've been slacking on this particular CT, so for her, here are 2 layouts.

This is Sunshine Everyday. I love the bright fun colors.

And this is SUmmer Breeze, which was a collab between Jeni Hopewell and Andilynn Designs

Monday, August 18, 2008

Snap and Scrap's layout this week

Using this sketch and featuring a kit by one of the new designers Marcee Fairchild (I chose the kit Grant)

I made this...

I really wish I had some good cousin quotes...

New ScrapMatters Layouts

I've been busy scrapping again. Yes, maybe I am trying to avoid doing other things that I shoudl be doing, but oh well...I'm having fun...

And yes, my time at ScrapMatters is almost up and I am SO going to miss being able to use all of their awesome I've been scrapping my tail off...and this is what I have to show for it.

We have a new template challenge running at ScrapMatters:

I used Tater's Urban Boy kit

And made this:

I recently wrote the post for What Matters Monday and it was all about scrapping things.

So I made it a point to scrap some things...well, one thing right now, but I have plans to do more *things of importance*

For this one, I used Erica Zane's Lavender Skies

And I documented my daughter's special *dee* (that's what we call their blankies in our house).

And there's one more. The very second that I saw Brittney's (Britt-ish Designs) Toy Sheriff kit, I knew what I had to do with it

My son went through a phase right around 1.5 years old that he had to watch Toy Story every day. It's really the first thing that he *had to do* in his life. We get the kids Christmas ornaments every year and this year we made him a Christmas ornament documenting his love of this movie. I had already scrapped it, but I had to do a do-over just because it was SO perfect.

A few new layouts...

There are currently 2 challenges running that I've participated in...

The first is Words for Wednesday so if you'd like to read it, go to and then click on blog and go back to last Wendesday. The challenge is the word summer has to appear in your title and you need to journal. The lo needs to be about a summer holiday that you've taken. This is what I made using Shabby Cottage by Matahati Designs

There is also a Saturday Special challenge running. In this you can do whatever you want, but the word Remember needs to be in the title of your your layout.

I made 2 for this one...

Upcoming Speed Scrap

You know I love these things, right??

See ya there!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

new layouts

I don't know that I've announced it here yet, but I've also been placed on Jeni Hopewell's personal CT.

This is the first layout I've made for her. It uses a mini kit called Precious which was a participation prize for ScrapMatters grand re-opening

This next one is a CT layout for Kylie Moore, using her kit "Rich Dusk" from Snap and Scrap.

And this third layout is just because I LOVED LOVED LOVED the kit and had to use it ASAP.

It's a Speed Scrap!!

(I made the cool is that??)

New CT Layouts

Well, I've been busy...I've got a few CT layouts.

This is the last month for me at Color Line Design, and I told them I'd finish out the month, so I'm working on that now...I think I have one more to do.

These are the 2 pages I made.

This one above uses Baby of Mine Girl Kit by Carolyn Kite.

This next one uses stuff from Chris Young and Natalie Bird.

It's also my last month at ScrapMatters. I've been working like crazy to finish up my assignments there, but there's just oodles of stuff I'd like to use.

This one is a RAK layout (visit the community challenges in the forum to learn more) and it uses Ellie Lash's stuff including some things from her grab bag.

And this one isn't an official assignment, but I've been wanting to scrap about this for a while and thought this kit would be PERFECT. I think I was right. (It's by Matahati Designs, except for the alpha)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tuesday's Template...

At ScrapMAtters this week I'm hosting the template challenge.

The challenge is to use this template:

Now what should you do with this template??
As you can see there are three openings for photos. You need to put a photo in each opening and they need to be successive photos. Try to tell a story with them. (There will be two winners; each will receive a $5 GC to the store; one will be my fave, the other will be randomly chosen)

This is my lo (using Erica Zanes Dragonfly Delight):

Visit and check out the blog to see the other CT Layouts.

Today's Speed Scrap

So I was the hostess, so I already knew what to do...

here were the instructions...

11:00 Choose one photo and crop it to a square. Your photo is going to be placed into a corner. It doesn't need to be mooshed the whole way over and touching the edges, but definitely in a corner. Frame it or mat it. Also choose 5 papers (we won't need them until towards the end, but keep some in mind...4 should be patterned)

11:10 Decide on a title for your page. You must use an alpha. The title will be placed on one of the same sides that your photo is on (eg, if your photo is in the upper right side, your title will be along the top or along the right side).

11:20 Use a photo prong or corner to attach the photo. Also put on a ribbon wrap, rubberband, or string, etc. (This can go anywhere on your page)

11:30 Create an element cluster attached on top of your picture with a clip or a pin.

11:40 Journal as close to your photo as possible. Don't forget to date it. I'd like the date to appear on top of your photo somewhere.

11:50 Use 3 of your patterned papers to create 3 paper strips to place behind your photo. Use a solid as your background paper. (I only had you choose 5 so you would have a will not be used, unless you want to)

12:00 On the opposite sides of your photo, put a small border or line to finish your lo. (eg if your photo is in the upper right corner, your border will appear along the left and bottom of your lo)

This is my lo: