Monday, August 11, 2008

Cooking Challenge

Yes another layout...(yesterday was my birthday...)

For this challenge, Denise gave us a recipe to follow and we had to include specific ingredients...

The ingredients are:

1. Only 2 Papers

2. Only 3 Photos

3. Flowers

4. Ribbon

5. Something Metal

6. The Color Green

7. Something Transparent (See-Through, Translucent)

8. Your Photos must be arranged in a row

9. At least one element must be placed at an angle

10. You MUST include journaling and the date

There are 10 must use all 10! Your dish wouldn't turn out right if you left something out!But of course, every cook loves to add their own secret ingredients, so this list is just the add whatever else you want!

Just Saturday, I had the most adorable conversation with my 2nd son and I really wanted to remember I thought this was the perfect opportunity to scrap about it.

I used a giveaway by Erica Zane called Woodland Fantasy (maybe it will be available in a store soon?? I don't know)

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