Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Mine

(If you are here for the blog train, you will have to scroll down a few posts.)

Well, I'm slowly chugging away at my mentorship program. Here is my 4th kit, Baby Mine.

I love the colors in this kit. There's enough to do a whole album for a boy or a girl. Did you catch the layout I made with it?

If you are interested in it, you can find it here.

And be on the lookout because come August, I will be starting with a new design name.

No wait...

(If you are here for the blog train, you may have to scroll down a bit...)

So I scrapped yesterday. Not all of these pages are from yesterday, but I did just upload them yesterday.

Let the blog train commence!

So here you are, at the first stop of this blog train. I always love working with Sarah's stuff and her kits are ones that I have and will always return to. She has so many good basics that I just can't stay away.

Here is my goodie for you.

Here is your next stop, Amanda

I hope you will enjoy your trip and be careful to not get lost along the way. We have a bunch of beautiful templates for you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

layout beauties

So, once again I'm behind on posting. Although, not too behind. I've been trying to focus more on designing, so I've slowed down a bit. And that summer is here I don't have as much time as I do during the school year.

Sisters by Bucket of Butteflies Designs

I really love these next two. It's my youngest all wet and in the rain.

This one turned out so much better than I had anticipated.

This one's a 2-pager

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a Name?

I have always loved naming things. As a child, I had a whole family of paper dolls that I cut out of magazines, just so I could name them. And as an adult, I have always loved reading through baby name books. (So much so that my husband bought me a baby name book for the Christmas we got married. We had been married for 3 weeks at the time).

Now I have 5 children and I have thoroughly loved naming them. I love the meanings behind names and for each child, I have created a scrapbook page all about the meaning of their names. Maybe you'd be interested in doing that too.

Introducing What's in a Name Wordart Pack. Of course I couldn't make WA out of all the names in my now well-worn baby name book, so what I decided to do is look at the SS naming site and made wordart for the top ten names (both boy and girl) from 2000-2009. (For a full list of names, please click on the preview to go to the product page.) I realize that for many people, this WA won't be able to be used over and over again, so I priced it at a low $1.

Now, I guess you caught that I had 5 kids. So as a freebie, I also made a WA pack as a freebie of all ten of my children's names. (First and middle names). So if your children have any of my children's names, you are in luck!
This wordart pack includes:


Monday, July 5, 2010

July's Monthly Collab at DRS

So, we've been working hard at DRS, and this month we have a kickin new kit available for free with any purchase from the store. It is called Gardenology, and came together REALLY well. (If you ask me)...check out the previews:

Now, I'm sure you just want to jump to the store to get your hands on this beauty, right? Well, I'll provide the link so it's that much easier for you. You can find it right here.

Here is one page that I made with this kit. It is also part of the Template Challenge happening right now in the DRS forums.

it's been a while...

So, I've been scrapping. And I've been uploading to galleries. And then I've been taking those web versions and sticking them in a folder on my computer entitled *blog*. And I just today realized that that folder has been filling up, and I've not been blogging them. So here, in a very BIG nutshell, are a ton of layouts that I've been hanging onto, meaning to post for the world to see. I hope you enjoy.

This one uses the Just Like Dad collab that Sarah Bennett was a part of.

This one uses Berrylicious by Happy Scrap Girl

This one is not a CT lo...I just love how it looks. (It's a 2-pager).

Urban Ink by Lisetescraps at DRS

not for a CT

Doodle Dandies by Snippets Inc.

Old Glory by Sarah Bennett and Trixie Scraps

not for a CT, but isn't it so cute?

My youngest son turned 6 in June. This one uses Sense of Adventure by HSG

MC Designs is DRS spotlight designer this month. This uses Day at the Beach by her.

not for CT