Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a Name?

I have always loved naming things. As a child, I had a whole family of paper dolls that I cut out of magazines, just so I could name them. And as an adult, I have always loved reading through baby name books. (So much so that my husband bought me a baby name book for the Christmas we got married. We had been married for 3 weeks at the time).

Now I have 5 children and I have thoroughly loved naming them. I love the meanings behind names and for each child, I have created a scrapbook page all about the meaning of their names. Maybe you'd be interested in doing that too.

Introducing What's in a Name Wordart Pack. Of course I couldn't make WA out of all the names in my now well-worn baby name book, so what I decided to do is look at the SS naming site and made wordart for the top ten names (both boy and girl) from 2000-2009. (For a full list of names, please click on the preview to go to the product page.) I realize that for many people, this WA won't be able to be used over and over again, so I priced it at a low $1.

Now, I guess you caught that I had 5 kids. So as a freebie, I also made a WA pack as a freebie of all ten of my children's names. (First and middle names). So if your children have any of my children's names, you are in luck!
This wordart pack includes:


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