Monday, August 11, 2008

ScraopOlympics! (and a CT layout)

At ScrapMatters Britt is hosting a scrapolympics. Now I'm pretty sure I won't do all of those challenges...I just don't have the time...

This was the opening challenge for the ScrapOlympics

"You must choose TWO of the following list of requirements for your LO to be about:

Choose Two:

- use the official colors of your country in your layout

- scrap pictures of a national holiday or national celebration

- scrap about where you born

- use the name of your country in your title

- have some sort of reference to your country's flag (be creative)

- at least one of your photos needs to have a LARGE group of people (10 people at least)

So I went and found Becki Kress's Lazy Daisy Summer (Available at, which is a gorgeous kit with reds, blues, yellows, and greens and I used that...(I had to recolor a bit)

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