Thursday, September 11, 2008

SM Speed Scrap

There was a Speed Scrap today. Here were the rules (give one at a time over 1 hour)

Instructions for SS #25

**Please Note**…I have two “themes” for this Speed Scrap.

*The first is Monochromatic. Some neutrals are fine, but do try to keep it Monochromatic.

*The second, since today is September 11th, I want your color choice to be one of the colors of your country’s flag in honor of those who have died and are fighting for our freedom.

1. Choose only one paper. Pick one of your country’s flag colors for you paper. Doesn’t have to be exact colors. You can use a hue of that color. (I went with blue)

2. Choose one picture. You will need to use it twice. Be creative on this one. (Up until now I was going to do a lo of Lily in the bathtub, but I really couldn't use just one picture)

3. Frame each photo.

4. Fasten your framed photos down anyway you like, as like as you fasten all four sides. (I had already done this when I did the stitches in the last step, but I added the photo corners anyway)

5. Add four flowers. (I really don't like doing flowers on boy layouts...but I do like how it turned out)

6. Add some bling anywhere you’d like. (Again, hard for me to do bling on a boy layout)

7. Lastly, add some Word Art. I really don’t want any journaling. (although we revolted and demanded journaling anyway...okay it wasn't really that harsh)

And this is my lo. I love how the Speed Scrap forces simplicity on my layouts because of the time limit.

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