Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Speed Scrap, and another Amanda Geils layout

Today's Speed Scrap:

1. Pick 3-5 photos to use. They must show a sequence of events or be a series of photos. If you want, you can run an action on them.

2. Line up your photos, either horizontally or vertically. The focal photo should be larger than the others (it doesn’t have to be a lot larger, it can be just slightly larger).

3. Pick your papers (no more than three). Your background paper needs to be solid, but the other two can be patterned.

4. Mat your photos. (You can use one of the papers you chose…) Your focal photo, however, needs a frame.

5. Add some elements. You need at least one ribbon, one flower, one “bling”, and one staple.

6. Add your title. Your title needs to be a combination of alpha and font. One word should stand out more than the others.

7. Add journaling on some sort of journaling block (it can’t just be typed on your background paper) and date your layout.

And this is what I made (using mostly things from Amanda Geils Sporty Girl kit)

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