Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Speed Scrap

Mark ended up getting home a little late, so I was able to participate about halfway through this one, and I finished it this morning.
1. Find two pictures. One needs to have more than one person in it. The other can be anything or anyone you want. The pictures need to be side by side or one on top of the other but not touching.
2. Next pick three papers. These are to be layered as your background. The top paper should be a very subtle print. They need to be centered on top of each other. Sort of like they are bordering each other with the subtle print on top. Sorry, I should have had this be the first rule not the second.
3 Frame your photos and connect them some how but don’t have the frames touch each other. I want straight, clean lines so don’t tilt the photos or the frames. You can use ribbons, staples, stitching, anything you want to attach the frames.
4. Stitch down your papers anyway you want to. Add some sort of trim below your photos if they are horizontal on your page and along side your photos if the are vertical.
5. Now embellish your trim with anything you want to.
6. Date your LO with a tag or a paper strip or a date stamp. Don’t just put the date in a text. Put it on something. 6. Now add your title close to your photos. You should end up with quite a bit of open space that you can leave empty or fill it up with what ever you want once you complete the required rules.

And this is what mine ended up looking like...

It can be seen a little better in my galleries.

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