Monday, July 21, 2008

Speed Scrap!!

Okay, speed scraps are so much fun!
I helped to introduce the game on National Scrapbooking Day at ScrapMatters. Now it's become a fun game that is at least a weekly experience. Starting at the top of the given hour, the hostess gives an instruction for everyone to follow. A new instruction is given every 10 minutes for the full hour. Then you are given an additional hour to finish up anything you didn't quite get right and get it uploaded into the ScrapMatters gallery. I've really liked my pages coming out of these for the most part. And more often than not, they give you a really great participation prize.

Well, tomorrow (if anyone happens to read this before then)...I'm hosting a speed scrap at 11am MST. So come on over and participate (if you decide to, make sure you get your gallery set up first. It takes a little time).

Here is the page I made from the last speed scrap I participated in.

Now, since the scrap, I did change the alpha that I used. I just found a great one by Ellie Lash that I didn't have when I scrapped this.

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